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Need a little encouragement? Want to make friends while improving your health? With hundreds of classes per week including Zumba, U-Jam, spinning, yoga, and Pilates you’ll benefit from a sense of competitiveness and community while enjoying your workout. We have so many great classes for you to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find a fun way to get fit.

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We offer our classes throughout the day to accommodate a wide variety of schedules. Every class is taught by one of our professional instructors each certified and qualified to work with all levels.


Take your workout beyond the physical benefits when you connect your mind to the movement. By developing a mind body practice, you will transform your body, clear your mind, and lift your spirit.


Dance fitness is exercise in disguise. Our upbeat music and energetic instructors will keep you so entertained you’ll forget you’re working out! Dance your way into shape all while having the time of your life.


Spin classes provide an excellent and efficient low impact, fat burning, cardiovascular workout. Workout and progress at your own level while enjoying great music and motivating instructors!


This dynamic ballet inspired workout challenges both body and mind while lifting the spirit. Needing to improve posture, balance, coordination, and concentration? With beautiful sequential movements Balletone will bring out the inner dancer for those who join the fun!
Level: All

Beginning Dance Aerobics

A high-energy dance fitness class with easy to follow, authentic, and strong moves to trendy music. Anybody will have fun and will be successful regardless of age, gender, or fitness/dance level!
Level: All

Body Blast

Cross train in a group atmosphere. This full body workout combines cardio intervals and plyometric drills. Body Blast will jumpstart your metabolic rate to maximize weight loss and build muscle.
Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Cardio Crush

Tired of the same old treadmill or elliptical cardio workout? Break up the boredom with this cardio interval workout. Using basic athletic step and kickboxing moves, you will experience a fun, calorie-blasting workout!
Level: All

Cardio Pump

This class combines both strength training and cardio into a calorie burning class. Instructors use a variety of equipment such as aerobic steps, BOSUs, stability balls, and weights to keep you motivated and having fun!
Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Classic Sculpt

Improve your bone density, muscle strength, and tone with this weight-bearing workout. This conditioning class begins with an aerobic warm-up followed by a full body toning routine.
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Club DanceFit

A 60-minute high energy, heart pumping, non-stop Hip Hop dance party! Class is designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels who are looking to have a blast and burn calories while dancing to the hottest Hip Hop music.
Level: All


Improve your bone density, muscle strength and tone with this weight-bearing workout. This conditioning class begins with an aerobic warm-up followed by a full body toning routine.
Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Express Spin

A 40-45-minute version of our regular spinning classes with all the same thrilling twists and turns. Elevate your heart rate and maximize calorie burn in this high-intensity cycle class.
Level: All

Gentle Mat Pilates

Those who are new to Pilates or have some physical limitations will love this class. Gentle Pilates focuses on building core muscle endurance in a safe manner. Many modifications are offered by our instructors to make sure the workout is appropriate for everyone.
Level: All

H.I.T. (High Intensity Training)

An intense cardio-strength combo class using intervals, calisthenics, weight training, plyometric, and team drills.
Level: Intermediate – Advanced

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)

Get ready to rev up your heart rate with this high energy, total body workout. You will have fun and be challenged as you work through intervals featuring team drills, cardio, body weight training, and resistance training. This class takes place on the Basketball Court in order to maximize use of the fitness equipment.
Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Line Dancing

Classes start with the line dancing basics and eventual progression to intermediate dances. Enjoy a wide variety of music genres. No partners needed! This class is fee based.
Level: All 

Mat Pilates

A comprehensive, whole-body system of exercise created by Joseph Pilates balances the body’s muscles, increase core strength, improve flexibility, posture and body awareness.
Level: All


A music driven, high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of strong. PiYo is a blend of Pilates and yoga-inspired moves cranked up to the speed that gives you full throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training – all at once.
Level: All


A high energy, whole body sculpting class using special props such as the BOSU®, Body Bars®, weights, bands, balls and steps. Pump up stagnant strength training routines now!
Level: All

Sit-N-Be Fit

A class designed for participants who choose the assistance of a chair through their workout. Class works on cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility.
Level: Beginner – Intermediate


A high-energy class with great music and motivating instructors riding a varied mixture of flats, hills, and sprints. This low impact/high intensity workout will leave you drenched in sweat, yet inspired to come back for more!
Level: All

Spin & Sculpt

Why choose? This combination class will have you spending 30 minutes on the bike for an amazing cardio workout and 30 minutes building upper body and core strength.
Level: All

Step & Sculpt

This low impact and high intensity cardio class utilizes the step to help burn fat.
Level: All

Stretch & Recover

This class is dedicated specifically towards stretching out tight muscles and increasing joint range of motion. Participants of all levels will benefit from this one hour session, especially students who do regular weight training.
Level: All

Tai Chi Chuan

A Chinese martial art used to develop coordination, balance, posture, and strength through relaxed and continuous whole-body movement.
Level: All

U-Jam Fitness®

U-Jam is an athletic dance fitness workout that combines easy to learn steps and high energy music for a workout that will get your heart rate up, your body moving and make you work up a sweat in no time all while having fun. So lace up your kicks and let the music drive you!
Level: All


Zumba is a fusion of Latin, Reggae tone, Hip Hop and International music and dance that creates a dynamically diverse fitness routine. Extremely fun and exciting! Warning: Highly addictive.
Level: All

ZUMBA® Basic Steps

Zumba is a fusion of latin, reggaetone, hip hop, and international music and dance that creates a dynamically diverse fitness routine. This class is perfect for the person who is looking to learn basic Zumba steps or for those who are needing a lower impact workout.
Level: Beginner


In this dynamic combination class, you will achieve a core workout through 20 minutes of mat pilates, balance and flow through 20 minutes of yoga, and end with 15 minutes of restorative stretch.
Level: All

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