Pilates is a method of exercise that emphasizes elongation of the muscles while developing sustained strength in the spine. Exercises will challenge your core strength, balance, and flexibility and result in a more defined, balanced, and supportive musculature. You’ll stand taller, breathe deeper, and develop a greater range of motion through our Chico Sports Club Pilates programming.

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Pilates for Every Preference

Mat Pilates

Postural alignment and strength exercises are performed on a mat, using your own body weight as resistance. These classes are included with every membership and are great for all levels. See the schedule for class times.

Group Training

Train in our exclusive studio using our specialized Pilates equipment. Group sessions occur in a semi-private setting (2 people) or in a small group of up to 4 participants.

Private Training

Chico Sports Club’s talented Pilates instructors provide personal attention and customized training routines using our state of the art Pilates Reformers and Towers.

Core, Stretch, & Roll

Tap into your powerhouse through strengthening moves for your core followed by recovery stretches and self-myofascial release. With regular sessions you will improve oxygen levels and blood flow, relieve muscle and joint pain, and increase mobility.

Personal Training & Pilates Combo Packages

Get the best of both worlds with Personal Training & Pilates Reformer combo sessions.