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  • Junior Fit Youth Fitness Program at Chico Sports Club



Junior Fit

By participating in our Junior Fit program kids ages 11-14 will be allowed to exercise with their parent, helping them build both strong bonds and strong muscles. Start off with a free consultation to learn which machines are safe to use and the proper way to use them. Once complete, your child will earn a Fit Kids bracelet to wear while at the Club. This allows them to use cardio equipment and select resistance machines with their parent supporting them by their side.

TRX Fit Kids

M | W | F    3:30-5:30PM

Fit Kids is an exciting way for kids (ages 9 to 14) to exercise and learn healthy lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime. Each class will feature engaging bodyweight and cardiovascular workouts with a focus on good movement, teamwork, confidence building, and having fun! Contact Matt Gonzales for more info: (530) 321-9675

Swim Lessons

By appointment

Make the whole family water safe with swim lessons at Chico Sports Club. We offer private lessons for all ages and skill levels. Contact Hazel Van Evera for more info: (530) 345-9427 ext. 107.

Swim Training

MON-FRI    3:30-5:00PM

“Technique & Training” is a 90-minute swim conditioning class focusing on technique. This class is specifically designed for competitive age group swimmers up to age 18 and requires a membership to USA Swimming. Contact Betsy Aird for more info: (530) 518-7946.