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Do you enjoy the camaraderie and social aspect of working out with others? Or perhaps you are looking for a more affordable way to work with one of our professional trainers while maintaining the quality of training. If so, you should try one of the innovative group training programs we have to offer. These classes are designed to revamp traditional workouts, produce results, and motivate you to go to the gym!

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Battle Body Fitness Training Chico CA

Cardio Boxing

T | TR    7:00-7:50AM

M | W    12:00-12:50PM

No previous boxing experience necessary. Get a cardio workout while using basic boxing punches, defense moves and footwork.This class uses heavy bags and gloves. Loaner gloves available on a first come basis during your first week of class. You can try your first class for free.



T | TR    6:00-6:50PM

SAT    9:00-9:50AM

Life is full of certainty and contingency. In this class, you’ll prepare for whatever life throws at you as you experience a comprehensive approach to developing muscle, metabolism and mind for life. Beginners welcome!

Battle Body Fitness Training Chico CA


T | TR    9:30-10:20AM

T | TR    8:00-8:50PM

TRX HIIT is circuit-based class utilizing high intensity interval training to improve overall fitness, strength, and flexibility. Moderate through advanced exercisers will enjoy being challenged in an upbeat and positive environment!

Battle Body Fitness Training Chico CA

TRX Battle Body Fit

M | W | F    5:00-5:50AM

Experience timed, intensive workouts that target each muscle group, every single class. You will lower body fat, increase muscular endurance, and promote lean muscular growth. This High Intensity Interval Training class will be a constantly changing and exciting workout for all levels!

Fitness Fundamentals

T | TH    5:00-5:50PM
SAT    10:00-10:50AM

Participants will learn how to use their bodies to produce fitness. This program will touch on the practices needed to maintain and improve long-term health: nutrition, recovery, and mindset. In this interval training class, the use of bodyweight exercises, weighted exercises, running, biking, and rowing will be mixed in as many useful combinations as possible.

Bootcamp Workout Training Chico CA

Boot Camp

M | W | F    6:00-6:50AM
M | W | F    5:00-5:50PM

Boot Camp is a high intensity circuit training class meant to keep the body guessing in order to achieve maximal results. This class is flexible to serve the needs of all levels as long as you are committed to always challenging yourself.


Fit 4 Life workout training Chico CA


This unique program combines the four pillars of health: strength, endurance, nutrition, and flexibility for a total lifestyle reboot. Participants will enjoy a customized workout focusing on their specific needs and goals plus nutritional and weight management guidance in a supportive environment.

Strength Training for Older Adults Chico CA

Strength Training for Older Adults

Strength training can improve your performance of the everyday activities you enjoy such as housework, gardening, and playing with your grandchildren. This 4-week program is designed to increase your physical functioning while allowing you to remain independent and avoid disability.