Come on in, the water’s fine! Newcomers and seasoned swimmers alike can achieve a low-impact, total body workout all year round in our two outdoor heated pools. With a variety of programs ranging from swimming lessons and water walking to aqua classes and lap swimming, we’re positive you’ll never feel like a fish out of water.



All memberships include access to over 30 aqua classes a week. You will quickly learn that exercise in the pool can be more than just swimming laps. From Aqua Yoga to Power Workout we’re confident that you’ll find a class that fits your personality and fitness level.


Make sure the whole family is water safe with swim lessons at Chico Sports Club. We offer private lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our swim instructors are certified in CPR and first aid. Contact Hazel Van Evera for more info: (530) 345-9427 ext. 107.


“Technique & Training” is a 90-minute swim conditioning class focusing on technique. This class is specifically designed for competitive age group swimmers up to age 18 and requires a membership to USA Swimming. Contact Betsy Aird for more info: (530) 518-7946.


We offer our Chico Sports Club Aquatics classes throughout the day to accommodate a wide variety of schedules. Every class is taught by one of our professional instructors each certified and qualified to work with all levels. Check out the class schedules to get started today!

Adult Quiet Time

Adults and active older adults will enjoy using the therapy pool during this scheduled time slot in order to focus on relaxing, soaking, and socializing.
Level: All

Aqua Aerobics 2

Aerobic exercise in shallow water. This class is done mostly vertically and without swimming. A fun-filled 55-minute class that will give you a complete workout: cardio, strength, and flexibility. Let your heart rate and spirits tone and stretch to great tunes.
Level: All

Aqua Burn

A deep-water training class, in which the participants wear a floatation vest. Use of the water’s natural resistance promotes aerobic training with low impact. During class, exercises are performed that aim to develop aerobic resistance, general strength, flexibility, and motor coordination.
Level: All

Aqua Fusion

A fusion of cardio, strength, and stretch choreographed to fun music.
Level: All

Aqua Intervals

This class is designed to give both a cardiovascular and strength workout using aqua dumbbells, noodles, music, and other aqua tools. Relax in the therapy pool while experiencing new ways to add spice to your exercise routine.
Level: All

Aqua Yoga

Increase your range of motion and relaxation using the benefits of warm water in our therapy pool. Aqua Yoga combines stretch, relaxation, and deep breathing with buoyancy and water resistance. This class is great for anyone wanting to expand their exercise routine and for people with joint problems, injuries, arthritis, soreness, or any other issues. Start your day with a soothing, yet invigorating workout.
Level: All

Fit-4-Life H2O

This unique program combines the four pillars of health: strength, endurance, nutrition, and flexibility for a total lifestyle reboot. Participants will enjoy a customized workout focusing on their specific needs and goals plus nutritional and weight management guidance in a supportive environment. ($ Fee based program)
Level: All 

H2O Fitness

Develop your strength using water resistance. This resistance training class uses a variety of methods (isometric, isotonic exercises, alignment) in order to improve core strength, posture, and muscular endurance.
Level: All

H2O Mix

A water workout that improves muscle tone, flexibility, and cardio fitness by using buoyant water weights, noodles, and paddles. This class includes both shallow and deep water exercises and is suitable for all levels.
Level: All

Monday Mania

Take some time to blow off your Monday steam with a challenging and fun total body workout. Shallow water aerobics and resistance work is suitable for any fitness level; modify and take it at your own pace or ramp it up for a real challenge!
Level: All

Open Swim

Great for the skilled swimmer. Swimming activity takes place in the shallow and deep ends of the lap pool. Designed for swimmers with varying ability levels. Moderate and distance sections allow swimmers to swim at their own pace or execute chosen swim workouts.
Level: All


The Chico Paddleheads are a group of whitewater and flat water canoe, kayak and rafters in Northern California. They have monthly meetings the first Wednesday of every month to plan group trips, discuss river conservation, and recreational releases. Visit their website at for more information on how to join.

Power Workout

A high-energy, full-body, water aerobics workout to get you moving for the day. This class includes cardio to get your heart pumping and toning for major muscles all followed by a relaxing stretch. Energize your day! This class is held at the shallow end of the pool.
Level: All

Senior Aquatics

Low-impact water exercise in shallow water. This class uses the freedom of the water to improve range of motion, flexibility, and overall strength set to fun music. Class includes a warm up, cool down, and strength training with about 35 minutes of cardiovascular activity. Non-swimmers welcome.
Level: All

Senior Water Walking

Great for the swimmer or non-swimmer. Buoyancy and water resistance are the perfect combination for low impact muscle building, cardiovascular endurance, core strength, and balance. This class allows participants to continue learned physical therapy exercises or those who choose can use this time as a wonderful social outlet while performing their desired exercises. Water walking offers a safe, comfortable, and effective way for seniors of all fitness levels to get in shape.
Level: All

Technique & Training

A 90-minute swim conditioning class focusing on technique. This class is specifically designed for competitive age group swimmers up to age 18 and requires a membership to USA Swimming. Please contact Coach Betsy Aird for more information: (530) 518-7946.
Level: Intermediate – Advanced