It’s never too early to start teaching healthy habits. By participating in our Junior Fit program kids ages 11-14 will be allowed to exercise with their parent, helping them build both strong bonds and strong muscles. Start off with a free consultation to learn which machines are safe to use and the proper way to use them. Once complete, your child will earn a Fit Kids bracelet to wear while at the Club. This allows them to use cardio equipment, select resistance machines, and take group exercise classes with their parent supporting them by their side.

  • Junior Fit Kids must wear the Fit Kids bracelet while working out to indicate that they have completed the program. It will be the responsibility of the child and/or parent to bring the bracelet to the club. Lost bracelets may be replaced for a $2 fee.
  • Junior Fit privileges can be rescinded at any time if the participant is not following the safety rules of the program.
  • Children ages 10 and under (accompanied by an adult) may only use the bikes, basketball court, and attend classes that do not utilize weights (i.e. Zumba, cardio classes, and U-Jam).
  • No one under 11 years old allowed on the Fitness Floor. Children ages 11-14 must be accompanied by an adult and be wearing a Fit Kids bracelet.
  • No one under 14 years old allowed in free weight area.
  • Children ages 15 and up may use the gym without parental guidance.

Is your child not old enough to be a Fit Kid yet? Then check out our Childcare Department.